Sewers or Obruni Traps

I couple days ago, I was walking back from class and I ran into another American international student that I had met before so we briefly stopped for polite conversation. She asked me how my day had been and I gave the typical response that it had been fine and returned her the same question. She replied “good, other than falling into an obruni trap earlier and scraping my knee”.



Obruni trap?

(Obruni is term for foreigners in Ghana)

Confused, I asked her what an obruni trap was. She then pointed to the open drainage system here in Ghana, which is basically a 1ft wide and 1ft to 2ft deep ditch that lines the sides of the street to clear rain water, and said “that”. At that point, I looked back up at her again and I knew I probably wouldn’t be asking her to hangout any time soon.

what she calls an ‘obruni trap’

Excuse me, but just because you’re clumsy and can’t bother to observe things around you does not mean you should label something an obruni trap and place the blame for your fall on it rather than your own clumsiness. Those sewers exist for their functionality purposes (which you could debate on how well they actually function though not the point). But they definitely do  not exist to trip you so it’s really unnecessary for you to refer to them as obruni traps and make it sound like they’re out to get you.

Just say you fell into the damn sewer because you’re an idiot.

But as usual, Americans can’t handle the idea that not everything is about them.


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