40 Days till Ghana

March 10, 2015,

What was supposed to be just another chilly March day turned into something surprisingly much more pleasant. Like every Tuesday and Thursday, I strategically took my seat directly behind two slightly larger students in the back of my microeconomics class that would block me from my professor’s view. It wasn’t long before the droning of the professor’s scripted lecture brought me to the end of my attention span and I began tuning out, opting to browse through various buzzfeed articles on my phone and refresh my email instead. As I pulled the screen down and let my email refresh, a new email that I wasn’t expecting showed up at the top. The title of the email: Your Tufts-in-Ghana application decision.

SHIT. It’s here.

Not that I didn’t think I would get into the program. Most of Tufts’ study abroad programs pretty much have guaranteed acceptance as long as you turn in the application– aside from probably Tufts-in-Oxford and Tufts-in-Hong Kong (which I will also be attending in Spring 2016).

But now, I was one step closer to actually stepping foot onto the African Continent meaning that continent count would increase to 4 out of the 7 continents on Earth sans South American, Australia, and Antarctica. Though I know my parents weren’t about to be pleased. Never in their parental years did they think they were going to let their only daughter go to Africa. While they know that Ghana is in no way as bad shape as countries like Somalia, their presumptions of Ghana was one they envision worse than their own childhood conditions i.e. little food, no plumbing, desolate, etc. But, I told them that regardless of what they thought, I’ve made up my mind and I was going to go.

3 months later 6/10/2015 I’ve:

  1. – attended my Tufts-in-Ghana vaccination meeting
  2. – attended my Tufts-in-Ghana orientation session
  3. – gotten the Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Hepatitis A vaccines
  4. – purchased 152 malaria pills
  5. – started work at a Start Up based in Boston and Accra empowering Ghanaian farmers
  6. – notified family and friends that I’ll be gone for the fall semester
  7. – then proceeded to answer numerous questions about why I would want to go to Ghana.
  8. – said some tearful goodbyes to friends I won’t see till Fall of 2016, my senior year in college.

Now with forty days left till our July 19th departure, I feel like I need to start preparing myself for this chapter in my life, not just materially, but also mentally. It’s not just a simple matter of the ‘it hasn’t hit me yet that it’s going to happen’, its more a matter of I know it’s coming, but am I ready for it? I can’t help but wonder if I even know what I’m getting myself into?


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