snow, snow go away. come again never.

So as the majority of the US has heard in the last few weeks, Boston and the rest of the north east have been experiencing just a little bit of snowfall. Nothing out of the usual other than the mbta has shut down, the commissioner of the mbta has resigned, Tufts and the other surrounding area schools have had 5+ snow days and are having midterms starting next week for classes we haven’t had, and it’s only February 15th. Our latest email:

“Dear Tufts Students,

By now everyone on campus is a veteran of the semester’s snowy conditions, but here few reminders to all students about this storm’s extreme cold and ways to stay safe in it:

1) Tonight the temperature will to be SUBZERO COLD, with wind chills possibly going to -30 F/-34 C. Plan ahead today so you can STAY INDOORS LATE TONIGHT.  If you have to go out tonight, even for a short distance, bundle up as much as possible and don’t go out alone.

2) If you’re walking on campus and on city streets, continue to stay out of the way of snow removal equipment. The snow piles and drifts are high and people can be difficult to see. Keep your earbuds out of your ears and STAY ALERT TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

Official storm updates are posted at, and you can follow @TuftsReady and visit for more tips, updates, and storm-related information.

Thank you,
Mary Pat McMahon”

God save us all. In light of all this, here are my feels for this semester’s storms in a short Disney gif series once again:

(disclaimer: gifs are from and feature photo is from Tufts University)

Hearing about the first snow day arrival brought to us by Winter Storm Juno everybody be like:

200 (14)

Then the second day you were still like yeah! lets go ski/sled/tube/roll down the prez lawn!

200 (11)

And then came Winter Storm Marcus and you be looking like this around campus:

200 (1)

But that was okay because everyone still be like it’s so beautiful!


Until Linus decided to rear its ugly head


and you’re like no please nooo!!!!

200 (5)

and it just doesn’t stop so you kind of just stop trying to be a real human being..

200 (2)

so when you Facetime mom for the first time since winter break she just looks at you like this.. (maybe that’s just my mom)

200 (9)

And when you finally get to have class and your profs walk in telling you that your midterm is still next week!

200 (13)

and you just look like this

200 (12)

But wait! Mother nature’s still not done! Here comes Neptune!… and apollo.. and venus… and cato… and pluto…. and glo… and balwar… and ming….yay!



200 (4)

Happy Winter and to all goodbye.


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