While doing some work in my room yesterday, my phone beeped and notified me that I’ve been tagged in a photo on Instagram– not going to lie, it probably sadly was the most exciting thing that happened to me all day. Except when I went to go open the photo, it was a photo of one of my friends from home. I was like ‘huh, weird. she probably accidentally tagged the wrong person’. Then I read the caption.  It was hash-tagged #2obeautifulwomen. Curious, I decided to look at the other photos tagged like this on Instagram and from what could gather, it was just a random challenge started with the idea of nominating other women who are ‘beautiful’ — take that as you will. For me, ‘beautiful women’ are strong women who are either inspiring, charismatic, or influential, or all of the above, so I was pretty flattered to be nominated by this friend who I haven’t seen in awhile and to nominate 20 women in my life who have been essentially a role model or great friend to me. The only problem I ran into was being limited to picking only 20 women to tag when there are so many beautiful women who have impacted me in different ways, regardless if it was in the past or its now in the present. I definitely could not be where I am today without they’re help. To keep this short, all in all, I think its truly a wonderful thing to see women spreading the love and recognizing their fellow ladies who they think are ‘beautiful’ inside and out. Too often are women in our society pitted against each other to be the smartest, the most beautiful, and the most well-liked woman in the room, so this was most definitely a positive moment in my day.  Check out my photo at @linda_jduntkur




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