August – Now Recap

I definitely need to do a better job of keeping up with this blog. I seem to not have trouble starting posts, but I always have trouble finishing them… although this trend seems to also mirror how my life’s been since August. Please excuse all the typos and grammatical errors. I’m going recap each month since I feel a little disorientated talking about my current thoughts without having a timeline to refer back to..

August: In August, I finished working at Nordstrom which was a pretty bittersweet experience. While on one side, I felt incredibly relieved that I no longer had to worry about pay period goals, returns, and crashing on hour long drive home after a 9 hour shift, I felt sad that I would be leaving the people I had met there who I had shared countless hours of laughter, frustration, and conversation with– Felicia, Esther, Andriana, Julia, Olivia, Erika, and Tera to name a few. All I can say is that I’m glad that I had the chance to meet them and I wish them the best. So after Nordstrom, I spent the rest of my summer, which really was just about a week, relaxing with friends and family that I barely got to see all summer. A couple coffee dates, bonfires, and trips to Chicago later, my first college summer was over and it was time to head back to Boston. Unlike most students, I had to head back to campus about mid-August for two weeks of RA training. Surprisingly, RA training wasn’t bad. Even though we had to spend long hours listening to reslife lecture us and we complained about it endlessly, I would say that at least for me, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I got to meet a ton of new people that I probably would not have known if not for RAing and it was actually really nice to have these new friends to start the new year out with. And that leads us to September!










September: Came and left in the flash of a moment. Filled with new classes, warm weather, and an abundance of friends to catch up and eat with, the days flew. Weekends involved kayaking in the Charles, biking through Davis and Harvard Square, and playing frisbee and peppering volleyball out on the quad. After taking five classes last semester, I decided that I would just take four this semester in order to have time to RA and join Track (LOL tried it and already quit, but that’s another story). After having a mental breakdown about being conflicted with what I wanted to major in and what I wanted to do with my education, I visited my pre-major advisor to talk about all the things that were on my mind and actually got some decent advice from her about picking classes and talking to other professors to find a major advisor for once. So yay for reaching out? I ended up registering for International Economics, Entrepreneurial Business Planning, Business Law, and Kinesiology (study of exercise science). A good mix with at least a little bit of focus in my opinion. Hopefully, it works out and I can also raise my GPA.







October: October is probably one of my least favorite months out of the year. The weather goes through pms and can’t decide whether it wants to be hot or cold, Dewick starts serving unappetizing root vegetables for every meal, professors start dishing out midterms and projects like no other, and people start filling my Instagram feed with far too many disgustingly sweet pumpkin spice lattes. #PSL #fall #starbucks4lyfe. Ugh, no. Cannot deal. In my opinion, October just drags on and on like a mind numbingly slow episode of DBZ with Goku starting the episode staring at Freeza and ending the episode still… staring at Freeza. Should I even get started on my thoughts toward Halloween…? No, not worth it. All I have to say is that Halloween is a ridiculous day where girls of all ages are disgustingly sexualized and objectified. Zero desire to be a part of. The only good things that happened in October were Jess and her roommate Alex’s and Tanvi’s visits to Boston. Thank god October’s finally over.

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November to present: I still don’t believe that I’m twenty years old this month. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was twelve and at the YMCA with my parents trying to sneak into the sauna room because you had to be fifteen in order to go in. Back then, I thought to myself that fifteen was so old and then the years passed one by one and soon I was fifteen thinking that twenty would be a light year’s distance away. But here I am, twenty years old, a sophomore in college, and living in Boston. Birthday celebrations actually occurred over a weeklong period. A good friend who’s birthday was on Nov 1st and I decided that we wanted to celebrate her 21st and my 20th by throwing a joint birthday party the weekend of the 1st since I thought that 21 was definitely more notable than 20. So the party happened, it was great, and I never want to feel that way again haha… Anyways, since we had the party, a lot of people kept thinking that my actual birthday was on the 1st which made for a lot of awkward explanations when people wished me happy birthday and happy belated birthday that I wasn’t actually 20 yet. Then in the middle of the week, my dad texted me telling me that he was coming up from Baltimore on Saturday in order to celebrate with me and I was phew, thank goodness the party was last weekend. So on my actual birthday this past Saturday, expecting just my dad, both my parents actually showed up and took me out to dinner. What happened was that my mom wanted to  fly in from Chicago and surprise me, but my dad unintentionally ruined the surprise. Funny story, this wasn’t the first time my dad’s ruined a surprise like this. Last year, I wanted to surprise my parents by flying home on my birthday and had this whole elaborate plan of how I was going to stage my unexpected entrance, but my dad saw my flight reservation when he was trying to book winter break tickets and spoiled it. You da real MVP Dad. Back tracking for a moment, on Friday friends came to my room at midnight to sing me happy birthday and eat yummy cheesecake. #blessed. For those of you guys who were there, you all are the best and even though my face and voice are incapable of showing emotion, I truly appreciated it. 🙂








So that’s been my last few months. Obviously a lot more has happened that requires more than a paragraph, but I think this is where I’ll stop for now. A lot of things have been on my mind and I have a lot of decisions to make soon about where I want to see myself going in the upcoming few years so hopefully I can find the words to express them soon enough.





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