Werrkin it

So remember when I said I was going to go get my haircut? Yeah, so that happened a couple days ago. Though I’m not too sure why I’m making it sound like it was a bad thing since I really am liking the new look. Also this post it brought to you by the fabulous reminders of Kevin Wei..

This was my hair before the Great Cut of 2014:  10447116_10152942556753345_4046461864026013629_n

This was how much hair was cut off:


This is my hair now (MY HEAD FEELS SO LIGHT):


Honestly, I still can’t believe that I cut it so short and I’m definitely not used to it. Sometimes I’ll just find myself absently playing with my hair and wanting to pull it into a pony tail only to realize that the hair simply isn’t there. I wonder if that’s what being an amputee is like. Anyways, a lot of people have asked me why I would decide to cut my hair to this length considering the last time I had hair this short was over a decade ago!

Pic to prove it:

photo (31)                                                                                                                         3 year old me?

My answer to those people, that is if I feel like sparing the truth, is that I actually feel like this is a big step for me. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve always been pretty self conscious of my body image… whether its my thunder thighs or broad shoulders I just wanted to draw attention away from them. And in my mind, I did that by keeping my hair long to, in my mind, keep everything looking in proportion. Plus I got to do fun things with it like bleach it and dye it different colors which made me feel like a general badass for an asian during my phase of stereotypical asian rebellion. But back to the haircut… I’ve thought about cutting it short for a while inspired by celebrities like ellen degeneres, emma watson, anne hathaway, and Jlaw who rock their funky do-es pretty damn well in their like size 2 bodies. I just never thought I could do it too. However, thinking back to some of the lessons I’ve learned this summer working at Nordstrom about accepting and loving your body the way it is, I made the decision in that moment to chop it off. I I can rock the short do too. For me, cutting my hair short is my way of working towards a full acceptance of my own appearance. No more hidin behind the hair! Gonna be proud of who I am.



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