My First Retail Experience

nordstrom-logo Wow, it’s been a super busy past week, and a while since my last post. Quite a bit has happened since two weeks ago. I turned down the US-China Chamber of Commerce internship and started my full-time job working in the Petite/Encore department of Nordstrom in Oakbrook. I know some of you must think that I must a little crazy to pass up an opportunity to intern at the Chamber of Commerce, but truth be told, even though Nordstrom doesn’t sound as impressive as the Chamber of Commerce, I think that it’s the better choice to make right now. I know before I said that I wanted to work part-time and intern part-time; however, the scheduling just didn’t work out between the two so I had to choose one. Honestly, I’m kind of glad that the scheduling didn’t work out. I originally thought that I could definitely do both and work 6 days a week, but after working 4 full time days at Nordstrom, I’m actually so relieved that I’m only doing one this summer. Working 6 days a week doesn’t sound that bad on paper, but in reality, that would have really sucked and I would have had zero time to myself or to work on other projects because I would just want to nap on my day off. Anyways, something else that I also started realizing when I was making this decision was that I think that I’m getting to that point where I don’t just want any experience. I really wanted one this summer that would be a good fit for my goals, which currently are to develop myself as a person and learn a lot about how to professionally deal with people. I don’t believe that just because we’re still college students, we have to take any experience that comes our way. Obviously this isn’t the case if you only have one option, but if you have multiple, I think it’s really important to align the internship/work with your goals and for me, having a ‘name branded’ internship where I wouldn’t have much guidance wasn’t more important to me than working at a corporation like Nordstrom where I would be mentored a lot more by my managers. So yeah, that was basically the gist of my decision making process, and since last Wednesday, I’ve been an employee of Nordstrom! And I gotta say, it’s been fun so far! Working in retail is… interesting. But I’ll elaborate that on a different day when I don’t have to be at Nordstrom at 8am in the morning tomorrow. 🙂

P.S Have been killin it with the 20% off on all regular and sale items! Also, our Anniversary Sale is coming up in July, come visit me!


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