What is Linda doing this Summer?

It’s once again summer time and time to figure out what to do with my days. While I would love to channel my inner Gossip Girl and spend the summer lounging around in the Hamptons or jetting off around the world, summers are typically spent back at home trying to figure out what’s edible in the fridge, desperately trying to entertain myself, and pathetically trying to accomplish the summer tasks I’ve set for myself. In essence, summer’s never a really productive time. But being in college now makes me feel like I need to be doing something cool with my time because Tufts is the kind of school where people are always doing awesome things everywhere and I want to have interesting things to say when everyone asks you the first week back “how was your summer?”

So I want this summer to be different! This summer I think it’s time to have a good discussion with myself about what I want to do and start making a plan of action to how I can accomplish these things– and I want you guys to help hold me accountable and suggest your own ideas too!

So What Is Linda Doing This Summer?

Well… Linda wants to :

1. Work Part Time.

2. Intern Part Time – Linda just interviewed today for an internship with the US-China Chamber of Commerce in downtown Chicago. US-China Chamber of Commerce focuses on connecting American and Chinese businesses and developing US-Sino relationships. They are well connected with companies like Baidu (basically China’s google), Caterpillar, Wanxiang, and a variety of other Fortune 500 companies. Sounds like it would be a really interesting time if they offer the internship to me. Hope to hear from them in the coming days and I’ll let you all know how it goes!

3. Learn how to shoot film and improve digital technique – I like taking cool pictures. But real photographers respect film. I want to shoot film, but I don’t know how to shoot it well so I want to spend some time and learn. Plz help.

4. Examine/put together a report about the availability of fresh produce and grocery stores in different Chicago neighborhoods – I was talking to a friend, Jenny Lu, and asking her how she was liking Talliores, France and she was telling me about how she found that fast food in France is way more expensive than fresh fruits and vegetables and we started talking about the price comparisons between fast food and grocery stores here. The conversation soon moved toward obesity and the relationship between those variables so I thought it would be cool to go out and embark on this mini project to discover the true availability of fresh produce in various neighborhoods.

5.  Start a Food Vlog or blog called Not Your OrangeChikin’ – For those of you who lived with me last year, you know that I love to cook and that I cook a lot. Cooking has always been a interest to me and it’s something I find really enjoyable. Maybe it’s because I love eating or maybe I just love the feeling of knowing I saved myself $10 making a great burger at home versus going out to eat. Not Your OrangeChikin’ will be focused a lot on Asian cuisine with some other cuisines occasionally thrown in between. 🙂 bon appetit!

6. I want to teach something useful to people – ???????

7. Start a photo project – also a big ??? I was thinking something geared towards the Asian American experience since that has been a topic that has been on my mind a lot in the past year. Suggestions would also be nice!

8. Linda also wants to work out a lot because the Freshman Unlimited Meal Plan came in like a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball – This summer I’ve been getting into hot yoga at a neighborhood yoga studio. It’s basically one of the nastiest forms of physical activity in terms of your sweat-iness, but your body feels completely refreshed and cleansed afterwards since you got all the bad stuff out of your system. Also anyone who wants to play beach volleyball in Chicago or Naperville, let’s goooo!

9. Consistently Post on this Blog – Blogging has always been an on and off thing for me. I’ve attempted this multiple times, but I’ve never really followed through with it. Part of it is probably because I never share what I write. Blogging has been more of a private documentation of events and thoughts in my life versus sharing it with everyone I know, but I want to change that. I think I need to learn to be more vocal about my ideas anyways.

10. Make something trend on BuzzFeed – i just wanna be cool…. help me b cool plz.

11. Learn how to code HTML on CodeAcademy- I want to learn how to do web design so my blog doesn’t look so plain. Anyone who wants to help me out is welcome to offer. It would be much appreciated.

12. Enjoy time with my friends. 🙂 nuff said. Come hangout with me! Or even better, work with me on some of these things!

So that’s essentially what Linda wants to do this summer and hopefully by the end of summer, I can check all these things off my list! Looking forward to the next three months!


Beginning of Summer at Acadia National Park in Maine.
Beginning of Summer at Acadia National Park in Maine.




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